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GSK Vivian Character Sheet by rioka GSK Vivian Character Sheet by rioka
One of the characters to a free VN (visual novel) game I made called Garden Society: Kykuit. The original was done in black and white but a new re-release* of the game was made with full colored characters. This character is Vivian and she is the rich girl of the group (can't you tell?). She's not stuck up though so don't let that detail get to you. You can find the download to the game here.

There was a lot of emotion sets for Vivian but I had to pare it down to four. Ah well, if you want to see her in all her emotion states, go play the game! ;D

* Re-release was redone by a good friend, mikey, of ATP Projects.
Renmiou Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011
I should really re-play this. It's possibly one of the first three visual novels I've ever played and I still have fond memories of it (not of the story, I have a horrible memory, so most of it is gone, but I remember loving it at the time). I was also very eager to play Foxtaile, but that never seemed to get released. :/

I guess you're too busy with your site to make more games, perhaps? Anyway, I really enjoyed what I got to play, so I can't complain. :)
rioka Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011
Try to play the remake done by mikey. It's in full color and everything is pretty true to the original. I think people liked it because of the atmosphere and diverse characters (something for everyone, I suppose). As for Foxtaile - yeah, it got the short end of the stick. There were a lot of things I wanted to make and do that in the end I ended up doing nothing. :(

This time, I may still want to do a lot but I am at least getting things done one at a time. Maybe this is the year Foxtaile will finally come out! :)
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